Will Murphy side with Students and Science or his Campaign Funders?

February 5, 2021

TRENTON–  As the pandemic wears on and, hopefully, approaches its conclusion, more and more evidence has emerged on the harms of all-remote schooling. Over one third of New Jersey schools are all-remote, and nearly all are partially remote.

The CDC, along with Dr. Anthony Fauci, has said it is safe for students to return to the classroom, but the NJEA is continuing to play politics and refuse to return to the classroom, at our children’s expense. 

The NJEA is the “main funder” of the dark money group run by the Murphy team.

Murphy needs to decide what he cares about more: the science and students or his campaign funders?

Chairman Michael Lavery stated that:

“Governor Murphy needs to stop playing politics with our children’s education. The Biden Administration’s CDC and Dr. Fauci say that students can return to school safely immediately, yet the Governor is allowing nearly all of our schools to be fully or partially conducted virtually, harming the students. The Governor has received millions of dollars in dark money contributions from the teacher’s union, but millions of New Jersey parents want him to show some backbone and do what’s right for the kids. New Jersey deserves a governor who will do what’s right for the people of our state, even if his biggest donor is on the other side of the issue.”