Malinowski Fails To Disclose Stock Trades

March 4, 2021

Trenton: A new report  shows that Congressman Tom Malinowski failed to disclose his stock trading activity to the House of Representatives.

The Bipartisan STOCK act requires Members of Congress to disclose their stock activity within 45 days. Malinowski failed to disclose dozens of stock transactions, totaling potentially as much as $2.76 Million. Failure to do so is in violation of federal law.

NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following comment:

“It is extremely concerning that, in the middle of the pandemic and accompanying market turmoil, Congressman Malinowski’s brokerage account was launching a flurry of transactions that we are only now learning about. This is especially true because the Congressman faced the voters last fall, and failed to provide them legally required information that would inform their vote. The people of NJ-7 deserve transparency and ethical representation, and this apparent violation of federal law should be fully investigated.”