Sherrill Silent On Campaign Donor Cuomo’s #MeToo Scandals

March 5, 2021

Trenton: In addition to joining Governor Murphy in ordering COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is an admitted sexual harasser, and leading Democrats are calling for his resignation.

Mikie Sherrill accepted a major campaign contribution from Governor Cuomo’s PAC. She has also previously accepted several large contributions from Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, Rodgin Cohen. 

NJGOP Executive Director Phil Valenziano issued the following statement:

“Congresswoman Sherrill talks a good game about #MeToo, but has been short on action as a culture of harassment surrounds Governor Murphy. Now that Governor Cuomo has admitted to sexually inappropriate comments, and been credibly accused of harassment three times, Sherrill needs to join in the calls for his resignation, and return the campaign funds he’s sent her way. If not, NJ11 will rightly see her words as hollow, and no doubt remember them next fall.”