NJGOP Chairman to Murphy: Follow The Science, Lift The Mask Mandate Immediately 

May 14, 2021

Trenton, NJ: Recent reports indicate that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will announce that fully vaccinated individuals no longer have to wear a mask indoors. This news comes as COVID numbers in New Jersey have consistently trended downward, and multiple Democrat controlled states, such as California and Minnesota, have already announced plans to lift their mask mandates. While the CDC and other blue states have announced the end to mask mandates, Governor Phil Murphy has repeatedly dodged and punted on the issue and has gone as far to say New Jersey “was not there yet.” 

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement:

“Our message to Governor Murphy is clear: The time is here to ‘follow the science,’ backed by even President Biden’s CDC and his fellow radically liberal governors in other states, and lift New Jersey’s mask mandate immediately. Murphy has demonstrated that he is clearly grasping at straws to keep his dictatorial powers alive.

“It makes no sense why Governor Murphy has followed the CDC and other Democrat Governors on enacting restrictions, but has consistently dragged his feet on lifting them.

“New Jersey will be able to move forward from this devastating pandemic and government-imposed lockdowns quicker when we remove Phil Murphy from the Governor’s office in November, but we can certainly start our path forward today by lifting this obsolete mask restriction.”