NJGOP to Andy Kim: Stop Focusing on California, Start Focusing on South Jersey

June 21, 2021

Trenton, NJ: By meddling in California politics and involving himself in the election for California’s 39th Congressional District, Congressman Andy Kim has shown the wellbeing of his constituents is clearly at the bottom of his priority list. New Jersey Republican State Committee Communications Director Tyler Ladzinski issued the following statement:

“While New Jersey’s economy continues to suffer with the seventh highest unemployment rate in the country and one of the slowest economic recoveries, Andy Kim has apparently decided that rather than help his constituents get back on their feet, the best use of his time is to curry favor with Democratic party leaders in California. Rather than worrying about endorsing candidates for Congress 3,000 miles away, Andy Kim should be focused on helping South Jersey.

“Andy Kim needs to decide if he wants to continue being a henchman of Nancy Pelosi and the radical left or if he’d rather represent the Third Congressional District of New Jersey. He cannot have it both ways.”