2024 Statewide Leadership Summit

Money Matters:
Fundraising Training

Sat., 9:45 am – 10:30 am

Top New Jersey and National fundraisers in the field will train candidates and campaign managers, and anyone interested on best practices for how to fundraise for your campaign/committee through every means possible.


Ken Mika

Ken Mika, the CEO of Politicoin, brings a wealth of experience and success to the realm of political fundraising. Formerly the Director of Email Marketing for the Republican National Committee and Trump Campaign, Mika played a pivotal role in enhancing the party’s online fundraising capabilities. His impressive track record includes raising over 1 billion dollars throughout his career, a testament to his strategic acumen and dedication to advancing political causes.

As the driving force behind Politicoin, Ken leads a team that operates nationwide, providing crucial support for candidates in tight races. The company’s impactful work extends to various fronts, including the 2024 Presidential Campaign, multiple Senate and Congressional races, as well as involvement with PACs and Super PACs. Politicoin’s core mission revolves around raising funds that empower candidates to effectively campaign and secure victories. With Ken Mika at the helm, Politicoin stands as a dynamic force in the political landscape, shaping the future of campaigns and elections. To learn more about their impactful work, visit

Joseph Branco

Joseph E. Branco is the chairman of the Hoboken Republican Party. A Brooklyn native raised in Bedford Gardens, he developed an early drive for education and independence. He financed his high school education by working various jobs, including a decade at “Giando on the Water” in Williamsburg.

Graduating in hotel and restaurant management from NYU, Joseph’s career ranged from the Plaza Hotel to owning a Hoboken nightclub, which launched his ventures in real estate and entrepreneurship. His community engagement spans political roles, nonprofit contributions, and youth sports support.

He finds fulfillment in organizing impactful service projects, both locally and internationally. During the pandemic, he delivered meals to seniors and organized a massive spaghetti dinner delivery. Joseph resides in Hoboken with his family and continues to advocate for his community.

Megan Moench

Megan Moench is the Principal and founder of Dreaming Tree Consulting, LLC, specializing in impactful fundraising initiatives and meticulously planned events for a diverse array of clients, including GOP county party organizations, legislative candidates, and local campaigns. With a proven track record of delivering results and a passion for making a positive impact, Megan is dedicated to driving success for her clients by offering tailored strategies and unparalleled execution in event planning and fundraising endeavors.

Prior to founding Dreaming Tree Consulting, Megan was the Director of Events and Logistics for Ciattarelli for Governor (R-NJ) from 2019 to 2021. In this role, Megan orchestrated numerous events across the state from the campaign kick-off to coalition events to the election night celebration. With meticulous logistical planning, Megan ensured seamless execution of campaign events, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and stakeholders alike.

In addition to fundraising and event planning, Megan has experience as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Congressman Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (R, NJ-11), where she established and chaired the 11th Congressional District Youth Advisory Council and facilitated meaningful engagements between the Congressman and various community organizations. In 2008, Megan was the Coalitions Coordinator for Kate Whitman for Congress (R, NJ-07), where she successfully recruited and managed volunteers, organized coalitions, and contributed to Get-Out-The-Vote operations.