2024 Statewide Leadership Summit

The Art of the Vote:
How to Beat the Democrats at Their Own Game

Sat., 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

This might be the most important session of the weekend. Why do Republicans in New Jersey keep getting beat on vote by mail and early voting? Are we losing elections because not enough Republicans are banking their votes? How do we get more Republicans to embrace vote-by-mail and early voting moving forward? Answers to all these questions and more will be discussed.


Bob Auth

Assemblyman Bob Auth was elected in 2013 to represent New Jersey’s 39th Legislative District.

Auth is the Chief Executive Officer at Plaza Travel and Insurance Services Ltd., a company he founded in 1985.

He previously served as an aide to Senator Gerald Cardinale advising on New Jersey insurance reforms of 2003 and economic matters, and was a teacher for the North Bergen School District from 2004 to 2006.

Auth endorsed Donald Trump for President in 2016, the first Legislator from New Jersey to do so. Auth was also invited to attend Trump’s inauguration.

Auth has been an advocate of vote-by-mail since 2017. He has successfully assisted in numerous municipal and school board elections utilizing his vote-by-mail strategies.

Don Katz, Esq.

Don Katz is the longest serving State Committeeman on the NJ Republican State Committee. He has served as Counsel to the Middlesex County Republican Organization for almost 40 years, and has presented numerous seminars on Election Day Challenging and other Election Law matters, (including vote-by-mail), for almost 45 years.

Katz has been involved in election law since he attended his first recount in 1970 as a college student. He was appointed by Governor Kean to the NJ Election Law Advisory Council in 1989 in recognition of his election law expertise.

Don has been a Commissioner of the Middlesex County Board of Elections since 2004.

Alex Wilkes

Alexandra Wilkes is an attorney and a full-time communications consultant, servicing political entities at the national and state levels. She is the founder and principal of Perigean Strategies, LLC, a firm dedicated to finding solutions to pre-Election Day voting challenges. Wilkes is a former Senior Vice President at America Rising Corp. She was the Executive Director of America Rising PAC for the 2018 cycle, providing research and reporter outreach in key races. She previously served as National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee — the first female elected to this position in the organization’s over 120-year history. Wilkes is an alumna of The Catholic University of America, where she graduated from the University Honors Program magna cum laude, and of Seton Hall University School of Law where she served as President of the Seton Hall Law Federalist Society. She is licensed to practice law in her native Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.

Giancarlo Ghione

Giancarlo Ghione is a dedicated attorney hailing from Jersey City and proudly raised in Bergen County. Currently, Giancarlo practices law at the esteemed Law Offices of Richard Malagiere, following a clerkship under the presiding judge of the Hudson County civil division. With a passion for civic engagement, Giancarlo has served as the former Chairman of the New Jersey Young Republicans and as an adult advisor to the New Jersey Teenage Republicans, embodying a commitment to political advocacy and mentorship. A seasoned veteran of numerous statewide campaigns, Giancarlo brings a wealth of experience to the table. Beyond the courtroom and the political arena, Giancarlo finds fulfillment in family life, residing in Bergen County with his beloved wife Tia-Lyn and cherished daughter Kimberly.