We are pleased to announce a brand new way to help the New Jersey Republican Party sustain a winning victory operation. When you join the NJGOP’s “Grow 21 Club”, you are giving the Party the tools necessary to elect Republicans across the state. Proceeds will help benefit our data operations, digital campaigning against Democrats, and building our grassroots volunteer network. Joining is easy and you will enjoy exclusive NJGOP benefits. Please choose from the following options below as to what level you are most comfortable giving at.

Grassroots Investor $10/month*

  • Never be solicited for money by phone
  • Receive your exclusive membership lapel pin
  • Access to our exclusive private online community
  • Recognition on the NJGOP website

Capitol Investor $20/month*

  • Grassroots Investor benefits, plus:
  • Receive special quarterly email updates on NJGOP activities and events

Presidential Investor $45/month*

  • Capitol Investor benefits, plus:
  • Discounted tickets to select NJGOP events

Chairman’s Caucus $100/month*

  • Presidential Investor benefits, plus:
  • Priority seating at all NJGOP events (ticket price not included)
  • Quarterly conference calls with Party leaders
  • Voluntary inclusion in a private Chairman’s Circle directory

*One-time payments of $120, $240, $540, or $1,200 will be accepted as well to cover a one-year membership with a check or credit card.

Click here to join!

Prefer to join by mailing a check? Click here to download the contribution form.

Chairman’s Caucus

Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso
Roshan Shah
Steve Zaorski
Sean Mabey
Sophie Sie

Presidential Investors

Barbara Dawson
Antonia Kulberda
Rory Wells

Capitol Investors

Councilwoman Danielle DeGerolamo
Roseann Eteson
Henry Kuhl
Committeewoman Naomi Lubkin
Thomas Maoli
Angelo & Maryann Penza
Celeste Homaychak
Yu Song
Christopher Marion
Thomas Szymanski
John JD Schweska

Grassroots Investors

Mayor Carmen Amato
James Arakelelian
Jason Brooks
Ron Filan
Nina Grant
Evan Hoefling
Chairman Brandon Kubinak
Angelo Lamberto
Richard Mulhern
Raffaele Ruggiero
Steven Spurr
Michael Swetz
Gerald Taylor
Justin Tibbetts
Sue Tisiker
Committeewoman Mary Van Lieu
Ek Venin
Jeremy Baratta
Alexandra Ponsica
Erik DePalma
Don Katz
Brandon Kuinakl
Marianne Moran
John Terrero
David Barksdale
Daniel Beckelman
John Quinn
Janine Brunetti
Shelly Kennedy