Exposing Governor Phil Murphy’s Incompetent New Jersey COVID-19 Plan


As we enter the fourth month of the COVID-19 crisis, citizens from all over New Jersey have become increasingly aware of Governor Murphy’s poor handling of the crisis, his plan for our recovery from it, and the rationale for and equal application of his policy decisions.

We know how much information is out there, so we want to make sure to bring you the facts to help expose Governor Murphy and his incompetence in handling the COVID-19 crisis.


Get the Facts:

1. Whistleblowers from within the Murphy administration submitted a plea for help to government officials on both sides of the aisle with the following concerns:

  • Murphy’s response was “an unmitigated failure” that led to “preventable deaths.”
  • Murphy had a “willful desire to focus only on where the most media attention was afforded…”
  • The Murphy administration was “making things up as they proceed or making decisions and justifying them on the back end.

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2. Governor Murphy violated his own Executive Order, standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of protestors while still mandating small businesses across the state remain shut down. Even worse, he doesn’t have the courage to answer questions about it.

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3. Governor Murphy has said “data determines dates” but has never provided any data to justify any decision. In reality, his own public health officials in the health department have no idea what inputs he is using to make opening decisions.

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4. Governor Murphy has held up contact tracing as the pillar of his reopening agenda but has stalled on hiring a contact tracing firm. In spite of this, he’s opening up some small corners of the economy.

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5. Governor Murphy has plotted a “road map” to recovery winding through four stages of recovery. He repeatedly says “data will determine dates” for reopening, but he has never shared exactly what data he is using, other than citing the steady decline in infection rates, hospitalizations and wider diagnostic testing.

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6. Governor Murphy ignored CDC guidance and sent Covid-19 positive patients into nursing homes.

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7. Governor Murphy’s decisions on what businesses are essential and non-essential violated the constitutional rights of millions of New Jerseyans, and NJGOP filed suit.

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8. Governor Murphy has failed to provide the business community with basic information on reopening. “If data truly determines dates — then, what is the data? Murphy’s struggle with the business community is this: Specifics, not slogans, help determine a business plan.”

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9. Murphy has refused to give small business owners guidance on when and how to reopen. “But when it comes to business — and especially the small businesses that are the lifeblood of the state’s economy — it’s a different story. Business owners, industry representatives and even legislators in his own party have said that when it comes to addressing the specifics about businesses — exactly when they can reopen and what will determine that — the governor has fallen behind and offered little useful guidance.”

Fact Check: ( )

10. A growing group of whistleblowers in the Murphy Administration plan to come forward and expose a state review of Murphy’s nursing home response as a white wash.

Fact Check: (“Coronavirus NJ: Secret recording, report ‘flaws’ bring nursing home review into question”)


11. Members of Governor Murphy’s own party are frustrated with his weak leadership and bad judgement.

(Fact Check: “Tension builds between Murphy, Dems in Congress over governor’s coronavirus responses”)


12. Governor Murphy seems to authorize preferential treatment for his senior staff while restricting or denying it all together to millions of other scared and unprotected New Jerseyans.

(Fact Check: “I was fired after denying Murphy’s top aide coronavirus tests for his family, health department official claims”)


13. Governor Murphy is rewriting social distancing laws after he personally and publicly breaks them to avoid citation.

(Fact Check: New Jersey Attorney General directed municipal prosecutors to drop executive order violation charges against protest organizers as part of new COVID-19 enforcement guidance.)


14. Governor Murphy made a sweetheart deal with his Government Union buddies, averting layoffs and protecting their raises. For Murphy, its private sector pain, and public sector gain!

(Fact Check:


15. The Murphy Administration encouraged Health Commissioner Persichilli to fire her senior staff, in the middle of the pandemic, while chasing after people leaking critical information to the public.

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Topline Talking Points:

  • Governor Murphy has let his poor political instincts drive major government decision making and the result has been a complete disaster that has caused unnecessary deaths and majorly inflated unemployment and an economic cratering.
  • Whistleblowers from within his own Health Department have made pleas for help from Republican and Democrat elected officials. There are real concerns within Governor Murphy’s own Administration that his incompetence has put people at risk and cost them their lives.
  • Governor Murphy has continued to parrot the line “data determines dates”, but the reality is he is making things up as he goes and not even personally following his own laws.