Statement From NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt

January 16, 2018

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt congratulates Governor Phil Murphy on his inauguration and urges New Jersey residents to be vigilant and hold the Governor accountable  . Trenton, NJ – On the day of the swearing in of New Jersey’s new Governor, Phil Murphy, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt delivered an important message to the people of New Jersey: […]

RELEASE: Chairman Steinhardt Calls On Governor-Elect Murphy To Get To Work

December 21, 2017

While Phil Murphy looks for headlines, NJ Republicans find solutions . Contact: . Trenton, NJ – In reaction to Governor-elect Phil Murphy’s additional public comments regarding the federal Tax Reform bill, NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt made the following comment: . “While Phil Murphy is busy pointing fingers at Washington or in any other direction the political winds […]

Lavery Denounces White Supremacist Protests in Charlottesville

August 14, 2017

NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery DenouncesWhite Supremacist Protests in Charlottesville Trenton, NJ – NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery made the following statement denouncing the white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. “I believe that it is important for leaders of all walks of life across New Jersey and the United States to stand up and speak out against yesterday’s […]

Democrat Bosses & Career Politicians All Aboard the Corzine 2.0 Gravy Train

October 6, 2016

Following today’s endorsement of multi-millionaire Goldman Sachs banker Phil Murphy lining up the support of Democrat party bosses and career politicians and clearing the field through checks to party insiders, NJGOP spokesman Rick Rosenberg, Jr. said its déjà vu all over again for New Jersey taxpayers.

NJGOP Responds to Reports of NJEA Extortion Tactics

August 3, 2016

The latest ransom demands from the NJEA undeniably shows how they utilize millions of dollars from hardworking teachers to use Trenton Democrats as pawns and force their liberal agenda down the throats of New Jersey taxpayers.

NJGOP Chairman Sam Raia Calls Out Clinton Visit to AC

July 6, 2016

It’s not surprising that Hillary Clinton would want to blow off a little steam in Atlantic City after spending her 4th of July holiday being interviewed by the FBI.

Statement from NJGOP Chairman Samuel Raia Praising Governor’s 7th Balanced Budget

July 1, 2016

For the seventh year in a row, Governor Christie shot down Trenton Democrat’s insatiable hunger to spend more of your money.

New Jersey’s GOP Convention Delegates Unanimously Selects Governor Chris Christie to Serve as Delegation Chairman

June 10, 2016

Following Donald Trump’s landslide victory in Tuesday’s primary and the election of all 51 of his delegates to lead the New Jersey delegation to the Republican National Convention, a meeting was held Wednesday via conference call to elect New Jersey’s delegation leadership.

NJGOP Launches New and Improved Website

September 9, 2015

In an effort to provide a direct portal for volunteers and voters to connect with our state leaders, state assembly candidates and county parties around the state, NJGOP launched a rebuilt website today.

NJGOP Announces New Senior Team Members

July 20, 2015

As the New Jersey Republican State Committee moves closer to the crucial November election for State Assembly, Chairman Samuel S. Raia is excited to announce new senior members of the NJGOP team.